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This week’s Friday Gem is something we can all relate to here in the UK, Tea!

It seems the Burns household was also rather fond of their tea drinking too, as can be seen by these two delicate teapots. These teapots, in the Romantic style, were used by the Robert Burns household during the time they lived in Burns House, Dumfries.  Jean Armour, the poet’s widow, continued to live in the family home following his death in 1796.

Part of the attraction of tea drinking lay in the beautiful and elegant equipment required. Tea was expensive and consequently the teapot represented the status of the household. When Burns was alive, the practice of afternoon tea would’ve been emerging into the custom of high tea enjoyed by the working classes, where this late evening repast became the main meal of the day. The image to the right shows the exquisite detail of the flamboyant designs and swaggering, curving shapes.