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Although the project is still in its early stages of digitising Burns material, it’s surprising just how many varied and fascinating objects crop up which emphasise the unique affection and fascination that Robert Burns memory inspires.

Starting today, the Friday Gem feature will showcase a particular object/s that reflect this fascination with the legacy of Robert Burns.

A recent trip to Annan Museum revealed a number of such items. Firstly, we have a commemorative plate. Pottery and porcelain afforded the most popular and enduring medium for memorabilia, and examples associated with Burns date back to the early years of the nineteenth century. Can you tell us anymore about the trade mark found on the back of this plate?

As you can see from the ceramic pictured above, rack plates have the greatest visual impact. Plates of these designs appear to have been in production until WWI. I’m sure Burns would’ve been astonished at the range and diversity of objects – the good, the bad, and the ugly – created by each successive generation in his honour.